We still don’t Know if the Predators were Armed

We still do not know if the Predators were armed over Benghazi, or if there was an AC-130 gunship. We still do not know if the two Predators over Benghazi came from outside of Libya, or from inside. We do not know about the Rule of Engagement, if they were determining the drones would take off armed or unarmed. We do know however that the CIA might have Rule of Engagement to state that Predator recon flights are unarmed, unless the National Command Authority orders otherwise.

In regards to the InfraRed Laser Aiming Device used by ex-SEAL Ty Woods on the CIA compound rooftop, it might have been a typical Dual Beam Aiming Laser type device on his personnal M-4. Not necessarily a ground laser designator, synched with the weapon system/designator of a Predator drone or a gunship. In conjunction with a Night Observation Device (such as a PVS-14), the former SEAL could have used his Dual Beam Aiming Laser to make accurate shots, and to designate a target such as a mortar team.


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