Benghazi: The CIA “Annex” and the Main Compound

On September the 11th 2012, Ambassador Stevens is attacked at the Main Compound of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. At this time, former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods, both working under the State Department (on contract to the CIA), were at the CIA “annex,” a second compound 1.2 miles away.
Tyrone Woods was providing security for CIA operatives at the “annex.” Glen Dougherty had arrived on a rescue flight dispatched by the CIA Chief of Station in Tripoli. Both were denied permission by their CIA chain of command on the ground to go to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and the others at the main compound. Two times the former SEALs were told to “stand down.”

But the two former SEALs went anyway to the Main Compound, AGAINST ORDERS. And they RESCUED those who remained there.

Nobody is able to find the Ambassador.

The annex is about two kilometers away. My agents pile into an armored vehicle with the body of Sean, and they exit the main gate.

Background Conference Call With Senior State Department Officials

They took the body of Information Management Officer Sean Smith, who had been killed. Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods saved everyone that was still alive at the Main Compound. It took them three hours. And then they went back with all of them to the CIA Annex building, where they came from.

The attack continued. In fact, it had never stopped. The crew was fired upon during the entire ride running the gauntlet through the streets, from the Main Compound back to the CIA annex. They arrived back at about midnight.

Once at the annex, the annex has its own security – a security force there. There are people at the annex. The guys in the car join the defense at the annex. They take up firing positions on the roof – some of them do – and other firing positions around the annex. The annex is, at this time, also taking fire and does take fire intermittently, on and off, for the next several hours. The fire consists of AK-47s but also RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades], and it’s, at times, quite intense.

Background Conference Call With Senior State Department Officials

Tyrone Woods was on the roof manning a heavy machine gun while bullets, grenades and even mortars were being fired on them.

They were taking fire, but there were no communication problems at the CIA annex. The ex-SEALs were in constant radio contact with their headquarters.

At that point they requested military backup again, at least to silence the mortar fire that they had been able to identify by laser “painting” it. And a THIRD time were denied.

This CIA annex was a very high value target. It contained a LOT of cash for the Benghazi Gun Running, as well as weapons, and a case files containing the names of the folks who were assisting the US diplomatic mission in this regard.

The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than 4 hours.

Keep in mind, the Sigonella Naval Air base in Italy is only 480 miles away. Back up could have gotten over Benghazi in due time.

A Spectre AC-130 gunship carrying commandos could have been there in less than two hours. Such a gunship with a Gatling gun in the side is unbelievably lethal. It’s a tornado of steal blazing with devastating power and pinpoint accuracy.

Two Tier-One Special Operations groups were at Sigonella, including Delta Force, which happened to be training in Europe.

Delta Force’s primary tasks are counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations, although it is an extremely versatile group capable of conducting many types of covert missions, including, but not limited to, hostage rescues and raids.

No less than two drones were overhead during the attack and one of those drones was actually ordered in from Tripoli and sending back images in real time. At one point, one drone probably was replaced by the other, “maybe it ran out of fuel and the second one came in and took its place,” speculates Clare Lopez.

This raging battle at the CIA annex was sent on video directly to the ‘Situation Room’ at the White House. There WAS “real-time information,” despite what Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said. We need to understand that that’s WHAT THE MILITARY DOES, everywhere around the world, on land or on a ship. Wherever it may be, they practice over and over again, repeatedly, the rescue of civilians and the rescue of embassy personnel, in each area wherever it is that they’re posted. They have drills, they have plans, they have practice situations, and they have role players that play the part of the bad guys.

In addition to Delta Force in Sicily, there were also guys on ships right off the coast of Libya when it happened. There were loads of assets, and every one of them had practiced repeatedly a scenario just like Banghazi. Not Benghazi per say, but a rescue situation where an American mission is under attack.

We know that at 5 pm eastern time (about an hour and a half into the attack of the Main Compound), President Obama met with Vice President Biden and Secretary of Defense Panetta in the White House for over an hour. Obama watched in real time the attack from a drone-cam. Then, at some point later, President Obama went to bed. He had that fund raising trip in Las Vegas the next day. He slept, he got up the next day and he skips his National Security briefing. Yet again.

somewhere around 4 o’clock in the morning the annex takes mortar fire. It is precise and some of the mortar fire lands on the roof of the annex. It immediately killed two security personnel that are there, severely wounds one of the agents that’s come from the compound.

Background Conference Call With Senior State Department Officials

Both ex SEALs died, the terrorists got to keep all of the arms and cash of the CIA “annex.”
Ansar al-Shariah took credit for the attack.


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