A Battalion of “Freemen” Attacked !!

The so-called Freemen of Syria are waging a jihad against the regime of Bachar el-Assad.
That’s one of their last attacks, three days ago:

If you know what this Arabic text means, please share your translation in the commentary.

Learn more about the radical fighters here.


2 responses to “A Battalion of “Freemen” Attacked !!

  1. it is a list of the brigades that destroyed two tanks in the province of Aleppo.
    enjoying your work. I just found you from your post on Ammar Abdulhamid’s blog.

  2. Thank you very much sir.

    Ammar Abdulhamid’s blog is an excellent source of information. I’m no expert on Syria like he is, just trying to put order in that chaos, to map what is happening.

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