Massive Gathering of The Shields (Jamal Maarouf)

Maarouf is the leader of the Shields.

And as a friend commented:

SO much effort put in the shooting of this video! They want to show their numbers, their weapons: it’s like Braveheart, something out of the medieval age, the soldier on the hill, blocking the horizon. Stunning.

Yes indeed. It’s a way to get money, to get SPONSORED.

The game being played is bipolar.

On one pole, we have what I call the *Istanbul Exchange Room,* — financiers who want to back the winning coalition of warriors — in order to win a seat at the table of power of the new Syrian state.

On the other pole, you have gangs of warriors marketing themselves on YouTube and the Internet to get elected by that money.

This is why we will be able to follow the war via FaceBook and blogs.


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