Pro-Assad militias torturing captives:

Summary executions:


Following an aerial raid:

Shabiha Alawites captured and beaten by the FSA:

YouTube vids of the FALCONS destroying a moving thank, shelling a building, firing missiles, distributing food.

Free Syria Army [this is a beautiful video. No violence.]


al Farouq

al Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) here]

Al-Qaeda recruiting in Syria for al-Nusra. While the Assad regime is watching from a helicopter.

Training Camp

ULTRA VIOLENCE FROM HELL [Warning: this is hard-core and real]
Compilation of snippers killing:

Hbihh outpost camp prisoners:

SHUHADA (Martyrs). Idlib City Revolutionary Council.
Jafar al TayyarShuhada Batalion. Leader: Rasul Niyaz.


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